About Our Excursions

Empowering Teachers with Shakespeare since 2009: communicative, co-operative, challenging one's own perceptions with Shakespeare and his plays.

Shakespeare London Excursion is directed towards teacher trainers, teachers, future teachers, theatre enthusiasts, and students of Shakespeare or Literature.

 Why Shakespeare London Excursion?



Drama studies are communicative, co-operative, challenge own’s perceptions and further critical cultural awareness.


Benefits for implementing an active approach to teaching drama are numerous: it builds self-confidence, furthers imagination and empathy, and, most of all – it is fun!

In a performance-based approach, learners are empowered and will change from readers, to actors, to critics.



We will watch 6 plays by Shakespeare, some staged at the Globe Theatre, some at the Westend, some by fringe theatres. Together with theatre practitioners you will explore active approaches to teaching Shakespeare, mainly to those plays that we will be seeing on stage. Our practitioners will empower you as a teacher not only to engage your learners more actively in drama, but also to engage language learners in role-play, act out some scenes in the classroom, or even stage a whole play.


Part of a multi-modal approach to Shakespeare, the excursion will allow you to study and decipher original manuscripts pertaining to Shakespeare’s time. You will also work with texts and maps and gather an understanding how these can be implemented into a task-based classroom.


Textual, visual and media literacy – engaging students with original and authentic material from the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods (manuscripts, leases, court cases, maps) allows students to re-create their own Shakespeare. With a 21st-century Treasure Hunt, much in the style of modern geocaching (but without googlemaps), students can explore sites of Shakespeare’s theatre-landscape.

You will be able to make contacts with theatre practitioners, archivists, colleagues, all of which can help you to organize your own Shakespeare excursion to London with your class.


For further questions and registration please send us a message through our contact form, or email us: conny.loder@shakespeareexcursion.com