Comments from participants

What Excursion Participants Say

"I started the school year with Macbeth and can honestly say that I greatly profit from the week in London. So many new impulses and ideas!"

Beate, 2019

"Next week I am going to start teaching Shakespeare in my year 12 and looking forward to it, also because your seminar and excursion provided me with lots of good ideas. So thank you again for this fantastic week in London."

Ruth, 2018


"This action-packed week, organised by a passionate Shakespearean, was a wonderful experience (fully prepared for in an earlier weekend session), with six outdoor Shakespeare plays on consecutive evenings, three at The Globe and three in various (beer)gardens by ‘fringe’ groups. Daytimes were full of drama workshops, deciphering MSS and other visits revolving round Shakespearean Theatres – all fascinating, some sites of which are still being discovered and developed."

Helen, 2018


"Shakespeare London Excursion is an informative and interactive experience not to be missed by any Shakespeare fan. Conny and Ken have taken great pains to introduce to participants the entire Shakespeare experience, transporting us some 400 years back in time. From visiting the sites of the playhouses during Shakespeare’s time, to pouring over treasured works at the National Archives, interactive workshops and finally immersing in a Shakespeare play every night - there are plenty of activities for the Shakespeare buff. One of the highlights was to visit Shakespeare’s hometown in Straford Upon Avon - a dream come true for me! London Shakespeare Excursion is highly recommended for everyone who wishes to know more about Shakespeare, his works and his time."

Peiyun, 2017


"Thank you for a great week with so many new impressions! I learned many new things, looking forward to the next culture 'holiday'."

Alexandra, 2017


"Worthwhile. Sightsee London following the footsteps of Shakespeare. Participate in acting workshops and of course watching his plays, especially at The Globe.Highly recommended excursion to get to know London through Shakespeare."

Kat, 2016 (theatre enthusiast)



"Originally I thought theatre/plays were strange, somewhat hard to  interpret, simliar to modern art. Now I know that theatre can be much more. The whole excursion was entertaining as hell and I learned a lot  about playing theatre and about myself in the workshops."

Steffi, 2015


"Even as a graduate who thought she already knew quite a lot about Shakespeare and his world, I was able to discover even more and expand my knowledge. I know I wasn't the only one who participated in Ms. Loder's excursion more than once and I will take part in it again and again if time allows. The mix of in-depth information with the approach of cognitive learning, the hands-on experience in the specific places and the enjoyment of watching theatre productions and taking part in workshops made this one of the best experiences of my educational life as well as my life as a theatre enthusiast."

Marén, 2009 & 2014 & 2016 (teacher)


"Old documents (several centuries old!!!), to touch with your very own hands... incredibly good actors... great workshops... Great enthusiasm and competence from the excursion organiser. I can recommend this excursion to everyone... join and become part of an experience that you will never foget."

Stefan, 2013



On being in the front row of the Globe: "Only this way you can have eye contact with the actors or even talk to them!"

Juliane, 2013




 "Simply a great excursion!"

Sina, 2013




"For me as a future teacher of English, the Shakespeare Seminar was already an enrichment. My true passion for Shakespeare however was kindled through the excursion...."

Melanie, 2012



"A treasture hunt, which was organised with great care and much love for detail took the participants to historical places, all connected to Shakespeare. We deciphered historical documents and solved puzzles that took us to former sites of playhouses. Every smaller group functioned as leader and took the whole group to their assigned playhouse site. Ms Loder thus encouraged all participants to trace Shakespeare through modern London  ... Her excursion this year was so popular with the students that there was even a waiting list."

Clara, 2011



"A great mix of British history, theatre and literature studies. Students really "own" Shakespeare."

Heike, 2009, 2011, 2012 (lecturer, teacher trainer)