2024 Excursion

2024 Excursion


Registration for the Shakepeare London Excursion 2024 is now open.


Late July/early August 2024 (most likely 25 July - 3 August), we’ll head to London for a week-long excursion. We will attend performances at the Globe Theatre and various fringe theatres, participate in educational events, acting and directing workshops with professional theatre companies, discuss the productions with directors and actors and retrace Shakespeare’s steps in London. The evenings will be filled with theatre performances (to be announced soon).



For all excursion members it is advised to attend two full day meetings (weekend), which will be taking place sometime before the excursion in which we will discuss aspects of the plays and prep you for early modern documents. Exact date to be confirmed, scheduled for May 2024 at Munich (free of charge).


Scheduled events in London:


  • 5-6 theatre performances
  • 3 theatre workshops on the scheduled performances
  • Actor/Director-talkbacks of scheduled performances
  • Visit to the British Library Manuscript Department and/or National Archives (hands-on original Early Modern documents that exist only ONCE)
  • Visit to the Henslowe Alleyn Archives at Dulwich College
  • Excavation sites of various Early Modern playhouses such as the Rose Playhouse, The Theatre, The Curtain, The Swan, The Globe; The Fortune
  • St Leonard’s Church at Shoreditch
  • Treasure hunt with Early Modern maps and documents
  • Visits to the sites of Early Modern life
  • Visits to museum exhibitions pertaining to Early Modern Times (f.ex. National Portrait Gallery, V&A, Ritblat Gallery, Museum of London)
  • Mudlarking at the river Thames



Teachers in Bavaria can also sign up via FIBS at  www.fibs.alp.dillingen.de and have the excursion credited as professional development.